About Us

School is a place where a child learns about the true essence of life. It is a place where the teachers, students and parents together form a dynamic relationship not only among themselves but also with the world. A School is a platform that enables children to self-actualize not only as individuals but also as citizens; who learn and live and thrive by thinking and doing, not just for themselves, but for the entire community, for all citizens.

Our Vision

To encourage children to think independently, to be passionate about what they wish to do, to value excellence. To be a learning mode all their lives with knowledge, confidence, compassion and cheer, children must proceed to make this world a better place.

Kingston International Academy Vision
Our Mission

To achieve excellence in learning both within the classroom and beyond. To empower teachers to guide children with means to construct knowledge. To bring back an element of joy to school surroundings which would facilitate the child to grow into full bloomed flower.

Kingston International Academy Mission
Our Motto
  • Believe, achieve, succeed
  • Listen think try
  • Honesty in performance
  • Pride in service
  • Nurture inspire, flourish

Kingston International Academy Motto

Message from Chiarman

At Kingston International Academy (CBSE) our mission is to provide you a quality education and aliveness and edify from the eclipse of illiteracy by providing more eventualities for unfulfilled dreams. Furthermore, we aim to provide an academically exhilarating environment allowing our students to enjoy a first-class educational and social experience which encourages students to develop confidence, self-motivation, research and problem-solving skills and more importantly independent and innovative thinking.

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Message from Principal

I welcome you to Kingston International Academy (CBSE) with pride. It is my privilege to be the Principal of Kingston International Academy (CBSE) School, the academy that stands for excellence and continuously sets the highest standards. Our school is amongst many other established educational schools in Tamilnadu. The campus is recognized for its unique philosophy, ‘learning with delight’ where students are encouraged to learn in a stress free environment.

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