Rules and regulations, Kingston International Academy (CBSE) school

Rules and Regulations

International Academy (CBSE) endeavour to foster a sense of order in the students so that the child becomes more responsible towards oneself and others. To ensure orderliness the following rules are laid and are strictly to be adhered to:

General Rules

  • The school hand book must be brought to school everyday and the ID card should be worn to school regularly.
  • Students should converse only in English.
  • Students are requested not to bring expensive or undesirable items to school or during the school related field trips and activities. The management is not responsible for the loss of any valuable things brought by the student.
  • Courtesy and respect must be shown at all times to other students, staff and visitors to the school.
  • Disobeying directions or instructions of teachers or administrative staff or any elder personnel will be seriously dealt with.
  • Recurring and persistent misbehavior such as talking, disturbing class, usage of bad language, copying in tests, helping others to copy and resort to other malpractice which disturb the educational process of other students are considered severe. Children against whom there are frequent complaints are liable to suspension or expulsion.
  • Students must conduct themselves in a manner that ensures good teaching and learning is able to occur.
  • Students must not interfere with anyone else’s belongings. This applies to the property of the school and of teachers as well as to that of other students.
  • Visits to the toilet, or to the office or canteen should be made only during the break time and not during class hours.
  • Decorum during the morning assembly and at all public functions shall be maintained.
  • Students are expected to co-operate in keeping the premises of the school neat and tidy and therefore refrain from any activity which damages the school property. Any objectionable behavior like damaging the furniture, dirtying the floor, littering the camp us will be dealt with seriously.
  • Extra curricular activities and sports activities are compulsory.
  • On a teacher entering the class room, the students shall rise and remain standing till they are advised to sit or till the teacher takes the seat.
  • At the end of the class, when the teacher leaves, children shall rise again, express their thanks and resume their work.
  • Movements from the class room to the assembly hall or outdoor classes, craft classes, computer classes etc., and back to the classrooms shall be done in order and children shall observe perfect silence and orderliness. Students are not permitted to bring cell phones to school as per
  • Government order and as per our school rules and any violation in this regard will be strictly dealt with.All kinds of harassments , bullying and calling by Nick Names are strictly
  • prohibited because these create an threatening and an unfriendly environment.
  • Any use or possession of tobacco or tobacco products or liquor or narcotic drugs is not permitted and they are considered as serious offences punishable by summary expulsion.
  • The school does not allow permissiveness in boy-girl relationship. Any boy or girl setting unhealthy trends/examples in this regard, not agreeable to the academic atmosphere of the school, will be asked to withdraw himself/ herself from the school immediately.
  • Staff rooms is out of bounds to all students at all times.
  • Composing or passing notes or letters will not be permitted in school or in school bus.
  • Any student found loitering in the school premises during class hours will be seriously dealt with.
  • Children who indulge in copying or any other malpractices related to copying or forgery will be issued TC immediately.
  • Children who are ill should not be sent to school to attend class or appear for examinations. Such children sent to school will be sent back home.
  • Time table and portions for exams and unit tests will be photocopied and given to the children 10 days prior to the exams. Parents should take care to go through the time table and ensure that the child gets well prepared to meet the examinations.
  • Periodical progress reports shall be given to the parents during the PTA meetings. Parents must note the weaknesses of the child and take necessary step to improve his/her performance.
  • All assignments and homework should be submitted on time.
  • Students are free to approach their subject teachers for academic help whenever they are free, within the school hours.
  • The school will not be held responsible if the children are coming by their own mode of transport.
  • There might be circumstances requiring the closure of school on a particular working day due to unavoidable reasons like Rain, bandh etc.,. If any test or exam is scheduled on that day, the students should come prepared the next day for both the missed and scheduled exam/tests.
  • Children are not allowed to use motorized two wheelers to come to school.
  • All correspondence pertaining to the school or the student should be addressed to the Principal.
  • Students should respect to all the canteen staffs.
  • Students should never keep hands in the pocket while talking to others specially to elders.
  • Students are not permitted to entertain teachers with gifts.