In this stage, we promote the social and personal development of students, while also strengthening the hold they have over academics.

Classes: 6th - 9th

Age Group: 11 - 15 years

The Secondary School at Kingston Children’s Academy comprises Class VI to Class X. These are the decisive years where the students build on the foundation laid by the school in the past few years. The secondary stage lays the base for the career path of children and focuses on a common, comprehensive, innovative curriculum that prepares the child for Junior College.

Kingston understands the challenges that kids face as they shift from childhood to adolescence and attempts to provide comfort to them. Students are given a variety of opportunities to learn and progress through various responsibilities, both online and offline. They are encouraged to take part in these activities in order to discover their true passions.

At this stage, emphasis is laid on critical thinking, problem-solving, exchange of ideas, widening knowledge, and expressing innovative ideas.

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Admissions Open for CBSE and
Matriculation schools.