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within the school and educational sector of Tamil Nadu.

We had an incredible time celebrating Navarathri Golu at Kingston Schools! The vibrant display of dolls, beautiful traditional attire, and the joyous atmosphere made this event truly special. :diya_lamp::blossom:Thanks to all the talented students, dedicated staff, and supportive parents for making it a grand success! :pray: Let’s cherish our cultural traditions and create lasting memories.

We were thrilled to host an unforgettable Grandparents’ Day event, where generations came together in a heartwarming celebration of love, wisdom, and family. Our young scholars had the chance to showcase their talents, share stories, and create lasting memories with their beloved grandparents.

Kingston CBSE Diwali Extravaganza Grateful for the vibrant celebrations that lit up our school with joy and unity! From dazzling diyas to cultural performances, every moment was a sparkle of togetherness. Let the light of Diwali continue to inspire kindness and harmony in our hearts.

Kingston CBSE turned into a haunted haven this Halloween! From spine-chilling costumes to ghostly decorations, our celebration was a scream. A huge shutout to everyone who made it a night to remember!

Kingston’s Christmas Celebration was a magical journey of joy, laughter, and festive spirit! Grateful for the warm community vibes that made this event unforgettable. Cheers to love, laughter, and holiday memories!

The IHA Activity by Kingston CBSE was a smashing success! A day filled with learning, laughter, and memorable moments. Thank you to everyone who participated and made it an unforgettable event!

🏆 Exciting News from Kingston CBSE Sports! 🏋️‍♂️ Embracing Plyometric and Ladder Training for Peak Performance! 💪 Our athletes are gearing up to reach new heights. Stay tuned for the thrill of victory! 🎉

🎨 Kingston CBSE students showcased their incredible hand-eye coordination skills in a mesmerizing activity! From precision to creativity, our students are mastering it all.✏️👀

Embracing the vibrant Pongal vibes at Kingston Schools! 🌾✨ Celebrating tradition, unity, and joy with our wonderful school community.

Exciting News! Kingston CBSE students shine bright at the Thiruvalluvar University Science Fair 2024, clinching 1st and 2nd prizes! Huge congratulations to our brilliant minds for this outstanding achievement! Your dedication and hard work truly paid off. Keep reaching for the stars!

The Kingston CBSE Mathematical Quiz Contest was a huge success! Students showcased their mathematical skills in an exhilarating battle of wits. From solving complex equations to cracking mind-bending puzzles, our participants truly impressed us with their brilliance.

Dive into the fascinating world of language wonders with Kingston CBSE! From captivating stories to mind-boggling linguistic facts, we’re on a journey to explore the richness of languages. Join the conversation, share your favorite language wonders, and let’s celebrate the beauty of communication together!

Dive into summer fun at Kingston Schools Swimming Pool! Join us for our exciting Summer Camp ‘24, where kids can splash, learn, and make memories to last a lifetime. From April 8th to April 24th, our camp offers swimming lessons, water games, and thrilling activities for all ages. Don’t miss out on a splashing good time! Contact us at 7402616999 to secure your spot today! Hurry, spaces are filling up fast