Guidance for parents

  1. Parents and guardians are expected to cooperate with the school on all matters.
  2. Parents must mentor the children, be attentive, and be actively involved in all aspects of their lives.
  3. Parents must teach responsibility, respect, and tolerance at home and encourage children to do the same.
  4. Parents must ensure that children arrive at school on time and take education seriously.
  5. Parents who wish to meet the teachers regarding their child’s academic progress can do so with prior permission from the Principal.
  6. It is mandatory that parents should fix an appointment with the teachers without disrupting the teacher’s classroom schedule.
  7. All such meetings must take place in the lobby or visitor’s room. No parent will be permitted to enter the classroom or staff room.
  8. Parents can meet the Principal between 3:00 P.M to 4:00 P.M on all working days with prior appointments.
  9. Make use of the pages in the school almanac of the students to communicate to the Principal, Class Teachers, or Subject Teachers.
  10. Parents must check the school almanac on a daily basis for homework/assignments, and circulars. Remarks made in the school almanac must be seen and signed regularly.
  11. Parents must go through every circular and special note sent by the teacher through the child’s almanac.

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