Effective planning tips for school students

As a student, balancing your everyday commitments and responsibilities may be challenging. That is why planning your day effectively is one of the best ways to make the most of your day. Developing good planning skills benefits students in a variety of ways. Let's have a look at some of them

Jotting Down

A student's life is always full of vigor, energy, and excitement. But along with them also come so many things that a student is supposed to always remember. Exam dates, assignments, due dates, and so on. Even though we all have a habit of making mental notes, there are many times where we find ourselves getting panicked about forgetting something important! The best thing we can do to save ourselves from these last-minute panics is to write down everything. From as simple tasks as exam dates to as big tasks as homework, assignments, preparation, etc., there is no harm in jotting everything down. Having a calendar and marking all the important stuff or maintaining a proper to-do list or journaling everything down well in advance on a day-to-day basis will not only help children prepare and plan better but also help them perform better.

Productivity-enhancing Applications

Mobile phones are something that we all enjoy. The availability of thousands of apps readily available on your phone can be both time-saving and time-consuming. While entertainment is necessary, with the help of little self-control and accountability, one can transform their mobile phone into one of their most useful things. Aside from default applications such as calendars, calculators, alarm clocks, reminders, notepads, etc., try to install productivity-enhancing apps as well.

Proper Routine

A proper and balanced routine is the key to everything. It teaches a lot of things, including time management, self-discipline, dedication, consistency, etc. Try making and maintaining a solid routine that is built on good habits. By staying organized, you will not only complete all of your tasks but will also have plenty of time to do other things.

Striking the Right Balance

With the COVID-19 pandemic, lockdown, online classes, etc., the last two years have been very hard on everyone especially, students. All these things put a mental strain on students, causing them stress and anxiety. All a student needs to do in these situations is, step back and take a long, deep breath. It is completely okay to give yourself a break. There is no harm in seeking help and support. In fact, the moment you realize and voice out is the moment you are ready to let go of it. When everything seems tangled, getting inside it and solving it will never be a solution. One must step back and observe. Only then will they be able to realize and resolve it.

Nothing is important or should come first when a student is emotionally, physically, or mentally drained. All they have to do is find the 'right balance'. Once they can find and create the balance, they will become the master of their own life.