The best career paths after class 12

Your 15 years of schooling is finally coming to an end and we’re sure you’ll be having butterflies in your stomach thinking about what is in store for you all in the future. These 15 years seem to go off in a blink of an eye, and you get all set to face the real world. While the protected four walls of school create a foundation for learning in the real world.

While many of us grow up hearing how life would be easy and fun after school. But, where there’s a little truth in it, there’s also a flipside. While school was a stepping stone towards a great career, college is that decisive period where you can either make or break your dreams. Every step that you take must be cautious that would help you reach closer to your dream path. And where college can make for the best and most fun phase of your life, it can also be stressful.

The key here is to know exactly where your goal lies, and take every stride towards it. Challenges and difficulties would surely come your way, but with confidence and determination, you can pave across all those hurdles in split seconds. Feeling confused about which direction to go and which career path to choose? We’re here to help you with that.

Here are a few careers you can choose and work towards reaching closer to them.


Being a doctor, surgeon, or frontline worker is surely one of the noblest professions. It gives you the chance to give life to others, and if that’s something you wish to do then this surely is your calling. Students from Science Background with Biology as their subject can choose this career path and put their focus on extracting to the best of their abilities.


Another common career option many science graduates tend to choose in engineering. Having done PCM in school, Engineering is one of the favourite and most sought-after career options. While initially, people could choose only among certain fields of engineering such as mechanical, civil, software, etc, with the emergence of technology, the field of engineering has grown immensely. New fields such as iOS, Aeronautical, Data Science, Biomedical, Agricultural Engineering, etc have made their way into the real world.


Teachers play a crucial role in the development of a child, right after he/she turns three. Right from inculcating the basic moral values in children to teaching them the toughest of equations or phenomena, a teacher has the ability to mold a child’s life in a positive or negative way. Students from any stream can become a teacher. Pursuing a B. Ed. would give you an opportunity to become a school teacher, while giving UGC Net after pursuing Masters in the subject of their choice will open their routes to being a college professor.

Human Resource

A popular career option these days, HR opens your path to recruiting others for work. Right from managing talent to providing them the best training and ensuring workplace safety, an HR manager is responsible for all this and more. To choose this career option, you will need to do a Master in Business Administration in HR.


If you think you have a creative knack and plan to take it forward, marketing can be your calling. As a marketing person, your responsibilities would be to formulate marketing plans and come up with strategies to execute them after proper background research. Students from any stream can pursue marketing as a career.


The field is vast, and it surely does offer you a vast set of career opportunities. Right from writing creative content for an advertising agency, to writing news pieces for a magazine/newspaper, or working on scripts for a production house, writing is one of the most ever-growing professions. If your passion lies in writing, then this is your call.

The best advice we can give you is - Choose your career option wisely.