Tips to keep your child safe in the monsoon season

Monsoon Season is the favourite season for many. Monsoon is all about sitting on a chair, sipping a cup of tea, and eating a plate of fritters while enjoying the smell of mud. Some also love to step out and enjoy the monsoon rain by taking a feel of it. But as much as the monsoon is wonderful, they also create breeding grounds for life-threatening mosquitoes that can cause numerous diseases.

Though monsoons are associated with joy, happiness, and a break from the sweltering heat. But, one also has to beware of the many infections that the season brings with its onset. Kids are more prone to being affected more as compared to young adults

Here are a few do’s and don'ts one has to keep in mind to protect their kids from the infections caused due to monsoon.

Do's for kids during monsoon season

Boost your immunity. Get vaccinated : The monsoon season is often termed the influenza season owing to the numerous diseases and infections that it carries with them. This is the time when the virus breeds and spreads quicker than usual. Doctors usually suggest getting vaccinated before the flu month to prevent the child from catching air-borne diseases

Make your home a safe place to stay : We have no control over the weather outside and from our outer surroundings. But, what we have control over is our house and how protected we keep it from dirty water, and insects.

Regular pest control, cleaning stagnant water around the house, and checking for any breeding spots for mosquitoes will help you protect your home.

Eat nutritious : A strong immune system is important to battle the infections caused during monsoon. Following a healthy and nutritious diet is the best way to stay healthy in the monsoon. Wash all the fruits and vegetables thoroughly before consuming them. Drinking boiled water is suggested during the monsoon.

Include Vitamin C in your diet : Vitamin C is an essential ingredient that has gained all the more importance after the pandemic. Include one citrus fruit such as orange, apples, bananas, tomatoes, etc, in your child’s meal.

Don'ts for kids during monsoon season

Avoid outside food : The monsoon season is associated with the onset of numerous infections and allergies. In such situations, doctors suggest avoiding eating outside food and restricting the kid’s diet to home-cooked food only.

Don’t get drenched : Make sure your child doesn’t step outside during the monsoon season. Getting drenched in the rain can also increase the risk of your child getting fever or flu.

Avoid spicy food : Having spicy food is unavoidable during monsoon season, it’s a temptation. But, it is essential to control your child’s taste buds during the monsoon season and ensure that they don’t eat anything spicy.

Don’t touch your face with dirty hands : Always make sure your child washes their hands after returning home. Touching your face with dirty hands increases the risk of catching flu or fever as it allows the germs to enter your child’s body.